Caravan Repairs

Caravan repairs in Toowoomba couldn't be simpler. Our one-stop shop and first class service will ensure you have everything you need to get back on the road again!

We carry out all types of repairs from caravans, 5th wheelers to motorhomes. From body and chassis damage to fixing internal problems such as furniture, plumbing and electrical systems.

Caravans and motorhomes can and have been repaired to new condition even after relatively large accidents. As most vans use a modular construction method, it is possible to replace damaged sections without needing to completely re-construct the van.

We believe caravan repairs are a necessary part of life on the road. While we have plenty of regular local customers from the Toowoomba area, we carry out caravan repairs for plenty of visitors coming through the area. Just pop-in and see us for any of your caravan repair needs!

Modern Construction Specialists

We have our very own specialist team that work with repairs to laminated fibreglass sandwich panel bodies (smooth sided units). As there is a large variety of construction methods for these type of bodies, our repair process closely follows the original construction methods.

Traditional Build Experts

Maks On Site Caravan Repairs have obtained years of experience repairing the more traditional type construction of timber or aluminium frame with aluminium cladding.

Full Repair Service

In addition to body repairs we are also qualified to carry out repairs to:

  • Chassis repairs to steel chassis
  • Bent axles
  • Fixing windows, doors, skylights & vents
  • Fixing steps - manual and electric
  • Repairing awnings including re-mounting and re-skinning
  • Furniture repairs and modification
  • Utility system repairs such as 240V, 12V, LPG and plumbing.
  • Replacing plumbing fittings or installing new systems
  • Installing new electrical fittings
  • Appliance repairs for air conditioners, hot water services, stoves, heaters and more.